Unorthodox Teaching Techniques In Management

The orthodox classroom techniques of teaching business administration have been relevant until  a few  days back when many  of  the major universities are applying practical  methods to make the  learning more innovative and fun. After the theory classes, for a certain period of time,students are put into the real  life situations of their respective management streams. There are several examples when students were helped to attain out of the box training programs and practical field internships.

There are many things which  business schools in Delhi can adapt from these foreign universities to get their students a better learning ability.  Currently there is no scarcity of war zones with steeply deteriorating economies. Management students are given the opportunity to go into  the war zones  and understand the roadmap to redevelop the economy.


Many of  the destinations include Bosnia, Lebanon and Uganda. These places have been under zero degree temperature and the  gas supply has been cut off by Russia. However, the students give their best  working with non profit organisations to contribute to the development as much as possible.

It is important for the businessmen and managers of tomorrow to learn about community  services.  Students are taking up the opportunity to work with underprivileged communities along with the bank managers to learn how to  lend responsibly.

The students evaluate loan approval from the received documents and then those loans are sanctioned to individuals and communities in rural areas. This gives the students a better understanding of microfinance and make them proactive in decision making.

Large multinational company undergo various international projects  irrespective of the foreign policy of their source nation with other countries. This type of  trade is called international trade.  Students chose various companies and do research on their work policies by interviewing and learning from their executives. The agenda behind this is to learn how to manipulate the best things for business when international politics  meets the world trade.

Private equity and  venture capital are tricky businesses. These require real good knowledge of market, product and predictability.  There are firms which teach the students this  process the hardway. These firms are completely run  by  students and  they are expected to  gain returns from investments.

There are the practical ways to learn about the procedure, but it could not get better to practically run a business of such magnitude from the scratch.  The top MBA colleges in Delhi could easily follow up such techniques as they have availability of all resources within the bounds of city for it is one of the largest industrial cities in India.





Best Ways To Prep For An MBA

The popularity of an MBA is directly linked to the fact that it guarantees high paying jobs immediately after its completion. However, getting through the top most business schools of the country is not easy. Therefore, it is advisable to start preparing for this degree in advance. To help you secure a seat in one of the best MBA colleges, we have compiled a list of tips that all aspiring individuals can follow. Take a look at them in order to begin your preparation for your dream course.


Tip 1

If pursuing an MBA from the top MBA institutes in India has always been on your mind, then the ideal way to kick start your journey towards that coveted position in one of the best management institutes is to opt for business related subjects during your bachelors. Having a prior knowledge about the world of business will give you an advantage when you actually go ahead and start preparing for your entrance exams.

Tip 2

Before starting your preparations, chart out a dedicated study schedule that you will follow till the time your get enrolled in your dream management institute. Discipline study schedule is the only way to ensure that you will ace all your exams.

Tip 3

Language and vocabulary are an essential part of all management related exams. Making them your prime focus will ensure that you perform well in your exams. Verbal skills will also help you in your GD’s as well as interviews conducted by various top MBA colleges in Delhi and India.

Follow the above mentioned tips while starting your MBA preparations in order to get through the best B-schools of the country. One of the best institutes that you can consider pursuing your degree from is Asian Business School. Known for their great curriculum and amazing placements, this institute is one of the best options to kick-start your career.