Unorthodox Teaching Techniques In Management

The orthodox classroom techniques of teaching business administration have been relevant until  a few  days back when many  of  the major universities are applying practical  methods to make the  learning more innovative and fun. After the theory classes, for a certain period of time,students are put into the real  life situations of their respective management streams. There are several examples when students were helped to attain out of the box training programs and practical field internships.

There are many things which  business schools in Delhi can adapt from these foreign universities to get their students a better learning ability.  Currently there is no scarcity of war zones with steeply deteriorating economies. Management students are given the opportunity to go into  the war zones  and understand the roadmap to redevelop the economy.


Many of  the destinations include Bosnia, Lebanon and Uganda. These places have been under zero degree temperature and the  gas supply has been cut off by Russia. However, the students give their best  working with non profit organisations to contribute to the development as much as possible.

It is important for the businessmen and managers of tomorrow to learn about community  services.  Students are taking up the opportunity to work with underprivileged communities along with the bank managers to learn how to  lend responsibly.

The students evaluate loan approval from the received documents and then those loans are sanctioned to individuals and communities in rural areas. This gives the students a better understanding of microfinance and make them proactive in decision making.

Large multinational company undergo various international projects  irrespective of the foreign policy of their source nation with other countries. This type of  trade is called international trade.  Students chose various companies and do research on their work policies by interviewing and learning from their executives. The agenda behind this is to learn how to manipulate the best things for business when international politics  meets the world trade.

Private equity and  venture capital are tricky businesses. These require real good knowledge of market, product and predictability.  There are firms which teach the students this  process the hardway. These firms are completely run  by  students and  they are expected to  gain returns from investments.

There are the practical ways to learn about the procedure, but it could not get better to practically run a business of such magnitude from the scratch.  The top MBA colleges in Delhi could easily follow up such techniques as they have availability of all resources within the bounds of city for it is one of the largest industrial cities in India.





Who Can Opt For An MBA?

The most common prevailing idea about a degree in management is that only a student with a background in commerce is an ideal aspirant of it. This notion couldn’t be more inaccurate. This wrong perception regarding this field discourages aspirants from undertaking this course. The reality is however, extremely different from the ideas that are in circulation about it. The truth is that anybody with a passion for the stream of management can opt for this course as long as they fulfill the basic eligibility criteria.

Mba - Letters and Business Man

Do not let these misconceptions hamper your future plans to pursuing a post graduate diploma in management. Regardless, of the field you are from, you are without a doubt eligible to pursue your dream career path. Whether you are from a science background, fine arts, commerce, media or any other stream, the option to pursue a course in management is always there. However, it is quite necessary that you don’t undertake this course merely for the sake of an MBA degree. Choose this course only if you harbor an immense passion for aspects like cognition, behavioral and other people related dimensions.

Regardless of your background, primarily in your bachelors, the choice to opt for an MBA is always open. If you encounter any kind of confusion in regard to this particular course due to your varied and diverse background, it is often advisable to gain some work experience and then apply for this course. Having prior work experiences always helps as it adds to your overall profile. Plenty of institutes across the country offer management programs that you can take a look at while planning your MBA degree. One of the business schools you must take a look at is the Asian Business School. Offering MBA in various fields, pursuing your course from an institute like this will definitely grant you the kick start to your career.

Why Go For PGDM Course?

A successful career in business management requires much more than being just skilled. One must have good knowledge of ways and strategies that are used to work at managerial positions. Besides this, having good understanding of various business processes is also very important. The best way to acquire this knowledge is by pursuing a course in business management from a reputed college/university. Pursuing PGDM (post graduate diploma in business management) is a great way to polish your management skills and learn about various business processes. Listed below are the top benefits of pursuing a PGDM course:

Learn professional skills: in today’s competitive corporate world, people who can be represented as a complete package are in great demand. Employers look for professionals who not only have good knowledge of the field but are also equipped with professional skills. A Post Graduate Diploma in Management is just perfect to learn the skills and mannerisms required for a successful career in the corporate world.  

Well-paying jobs: another benefit of having a PGDM degree is that it increases the chances of getting better, high paying jobs in the industry. This is because top employers prefer candidates who have done a professional course in management education from any of the
top mba colleges in India. They give more preference to skilled b-school graduates for high paying roles instead of those who have no formal education in business management.

Better networking: to be a successful business manager, one must be aware of the current business trends and have a good networking aptitude. A PGDM course helps you develop good business network that can later help you in your professional life as a manager/entrepreneur.

So, boost your career in the right direction by pursuing PGDM course from a reputed university.

Success Formula for Women in Management Field

The year 2016, came out as a great year for women, taking up crucial roles in different domains. With Hillary Clinton running for presidential elections (though she did not win), I was extremely happy to see that women are finally publically claiming that they are capable enough to take the reins of leadership in their hands.


As far as the corporate world is concerned, climbing the success ladder is not that easy for women. Doing a post-graduate diploma in management may help you understand the basics of industry dynamics but there are certain things that women should follow to carve a successful corporate career.

Get as much education as you can

Education is the powerful secret weapon to make your mark in the corporate world. There is no doubt that the corporate world is highly male dominated but it is because they have a good educational background and industrial experience. If women are able to achieve the same standards, they can also take up managerial position.

In order to come out with flying colors in the management field, they should aim to do graduation from renowned MBA colleges in Delhi. This is the first step to brighten your career prospects.

Communication and interpersonal skills

Women and men have a completely different approach towards communicating and making interpersonal bonds. Though according to industry experts, the way women communicate and bond with clients is a more adaptable and flexible approach, well-suited for making long-lasting ties. According to teachers of best PGDM colleges in Delhi, women are naturally excellent communicators and can outperform men in client dealing.

Career planning

If you want to be successful in life then planning your career is indispensible. Being a woman, I completely understand that our career journey is comparatively difficult than that of men, which is why we must plan at the earliest. If you have a road map for yourself then you are less likely to derail and achieve what you actually want.

Guide To Prepare For A B School!

One can simple not just wake up one day and excel in an MBA exam. It is not a cakewalk. But if you manage to clear it off, then you are probably from the heaven up high! Usually when one takes an exam, there are some pre requisites that he/she needs to follow. Not as a guideline per se, but know the basics so that you can ace the exam and come out with flying colours.

Best Business Schools in India

Here are some points you can look into while gearing up for the exam:

  • Study material: No study is possible without right study material. Accumulate books and notes from B school friends and seniors. From English vocabulary to Quantitative analysis questions, all will be required to be worked upon. So fetch books that you can study. Have separate schedules for each. Don’t rush into buying new books each day and not finishing the previous one.
  • Have a vision: Create a vision of where you want to go. To get through the best business schools in India is quite difficult. Difficult means that the level of studies is next step. So prepare yourself accordingly. Building a vision will also help you divide judiciously.
  • Revision: With no revision, the preparations and hard work can go redundant. Fix agendas and schedules for the day and revise till dusk. No matter if you are planning on pursuing MBA courses in India or abroad, the hard work remains the same. There is no running from the hard work.
  • Eat right: Amidst the hard work, you may feel all jumbled up. Moreover, you will also lose out on time and eventually health. As the saying goes; if your mind is fit and robust, then you will have more energy to perform tasks better.

Follow these tips at the least and be prepared to receive only the best; that is your dream college!

Factors to Consider While Choosing MBA

Choosing an appropriate educational institution in the field of business, management and related fields is one you mustn’t take lightly, for the college plays an important role in your skills and future. While you must prise you’re your future goals and select the correct vertical, some factors must be considered at all costs:

Top MBA Colleges in Delhi


You must introspect and decide upon not only your aims for the future, but also understand and asses where you stand as an individual; chalk out your abilities, strong points and weak points. Think specifically for your future, and make a list of career options you see yourself in, which will subsequently aid you in choosing the correct specialization and aim towards the best business schools in India.

Type of course and expenditure

Today, MBA courses in the country are far more diverse than they used to be; with many-many areas to specialize in, MBA courses can be either full time or part time. You must choose a course that suits your requirements and simultaneously serves as a means to fulfill your aspirations. While MBA courses can be heavy on the pocket, one can always find a way out via scholarships!

Reputation and acclamation

The college has an intrinsic role to play in the education is imparted as well as the job opportunities you have access to. However, even more important is how acclaimed and reputes the course of a given institution is. While the top MBA colleges in Delhi will get you only so far, the course will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills you need to achieve your goals and aspirations in the world of business.

Thus, keep in mind the decision you take now has bearing on your life in the future. Keep all the factors in mind and do not jump to conclusions.