Why Is MBA Such A Sought After Degree?

Competition is increasing in the business world. The job market is huge but demands well-educated and smart individuals. Education is key in becoming a successful person and it also gives you higher chances of landing a decent job. A good education always leads to a wide range of options. A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree holds a great amount of significance whether you are looking to start your own business or just be part of the corporate world. It will teach you tricks and skills to be successful and an insight into how an organistaion runs. The MBA degree originated in the United States of America, however over time, it has spread across the globe making it high in demand.

Some of the best PGDM colleges in Delhi, like Asian Business School offer a wide range of courses and a well informed faculty, yielding smart and driven students. There are different courses under an MBA that you could opt for according to what suits you – Business Administration, Marketing, Management, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources etc. An MBA degree can never go waste, the skills you attain are transferrable and can be used in careers other than just business related.


While choosing a business school, you must ensure that they offer good placement options. Attending a good business school increasing your hiring opportunities, making you a preferred candidate over someone who does not possess a degree. More importantly, it helps you build a network and make important contacts. A business brain is very useful in all spheres, be it fashion, digital marketing etc. An MBA degree is more helpful than you can imagine. It ensures better job security, it helps you develop your skills in business and it makes you more aware of the economic world. There are many great MBA courses to choose from.

Business School helps you assess you strengths and weaknesses and imparts more knowledge than you think you needed. An MBA degree is especially useful for those starting their own businesses. Starting your own business is not easy and needs to be well planned and thought through. At business school, you can let your creativity run freely, letting your professors assess your ideas and giving you their inputs. If you want to be successful, you must get an MBA degree.


Factors to Consider While Choosing MBA

Choosing an appropriate educational institution in the field of business, management and related fields is one you mustn’t take lightly, for the college plays an important role in your skills and future. While you must prise you’re your future goals and select the correct vertical, some factors must be considered at all costs:

Top MBA Colleges in Delhi


You must introspect and decide upon not only your aims for the future, but also understand and asses where you stand as an individual; chalk out your abilities, strong points and weak points. Think specifically for your future, and make a list of career options you see yourself in, which will subsequently aid you in choosing the correct specialization and aim towards the best business schools in India.

Type of course and expenditure

Today, MBA courses in the country are far more diverse than they used to be; with many-many areas to specialize in, MBA courses can be either full time or part time. You must choose a course that suits your requirements and simultaneously serves as a means to fulfill your aspirations. While MBA courses can be heavy on the pocket, one can always find a way out via scholarships!

Reputation and acclamation

The college has an intrinsic role to play in the education is imparted as well as the job opportunities you have access to. However, even more important is how acclaimed and reputes the course of a given institution is. While the top MBA colleges in Delhi will get you only so far, the course will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills you need to achieve your goals and aspirations in the world of business.

Thus, keep in mind the decision you take now has bearing on your life in the future. Keep all the factors in mind and do not jump to conclusions.

Why Opt for a Business Degree?

When it comes to higher studies, students will mostly go for either the subjects that are popular or what their own parents decide on for them. A few would also decide based on their own areas of interest and what industry they ultimately want to join on a permanent basis. There are certain courses though that are, beneficial to almost every student, no matter what field they might want make a career in. A business degree is one of those kinds of courses that have proven to be useful in different industries, that is, a student from both corporate and creative backgrounds can use it in their professional life.

MBA or a business degree are not the most sought after course for nothing, their versatility and ability to fit into almost any career area is something that greatly increases their value. MBA has such a massive demand that one can, easily find an MBA college in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or almost any other major city of the country.

Management Degree

There are a lot of reasons why one should opt for a business degree, the first and foremost being that it can greatly help one in advancing in their career. Even more so if one is interested in the corporate world, a business degree can help one become eligible for more senior management positions. These positions are otherwise not possible if one only has an undergraduate degree.

The other reason is that a business degree from a reputed Delhi business school can provide a base if one wants to open their own business. Becoming an entrepreneur is quickly becoming a trend and even something that is profitable for fresher’s and creative people. Thus, if one has a good business idea but lacks the knowledge in the world of business, an MBA or business degree could help prepare one for it.

Career Options After MBA In Marketing

There are a few questions that come into mind of any individual planning for a mba degree in marketing. What will be the scope of the program, what kind of jobs he will get and what will be the starting salaries are some points that are considered. But the good news is that there is a huge demand of marketing managers in all sectors. Marketing is the oldest disciplines of management and has a very good scope in today’s market trend. MBA in marketing is one of the most popular MBA courses in India and those with a degree have an option to develop a career in any discipline, be it hospitality, retail, banking, tourism, media or advertising. Salaries are very good and generally depend on the work experience of the individuals. It also depends on the position and reputation of the organization.
MBA in marketing

Here are a few job profiles for candidates with a degree in MBA marketing-

Marketing Manager: marketing manager is a person responsible for effectively handling relationships with customers. One must have good knowledge of current market trends, emerging technologies and various strategies used in marketing. To learn all this it is advised to do an mba from one of the best business schools of India

Sales Manager: sales manager has to perform a number of duties like assessing competitor activities, providing customer service, and achieving sales targets. The profile is best for those who have an interest in dealing with customers and addressing their concerns.

Product Management: product managers play a very important role in any organization. Their main function is to plan strategies that will help in promotion and growth of a specific product line.

Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing: this is one of the hottest career options for people with a degree in mba marketing. It has tremendous opportunities in areas like account management, client management, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing etc.

4 Reasons Why You Should Do MBA

MBA is probably one of the most popular and sought after courses chosen by the students. The number of students who want to pursue MBA is increasing day by day. And it’s not just the students but parents too want their children to get into this field of business. Despite the fact that it can be expensive, parents are willing to pay because they know this profession will secure their child’s future. So, here are the top five reasons why you should do MBA:

MBA submission

• MBA program will open many doors for graduates. There are quite a few areas of specialization covered in MBA program including Human Resources, Economics and Finance, Statistics, Technology and Information Systems. An MBA can get into a multiple fields and in business as well. MBA has really good opportunities for a better future.

• You can be your own boss after MBA. For instance, if you are not interested in doing a job, you can be a young entrepreneur. An MBA program imparts knowledge of business and can teach you the know-how of building and operating your business. MBA also teaches you financial and business management planning which will help you to grow as an individual businessman while contributing in the development of the country.

• If you haven’t already observed, a degree of MBA from a reputed business college will give a considerable hike to your current salary. In comparison to other professions with a master’s degree, MBA graduates from top universities receive better job offers and higher compensation.

• For those who are currently working and want to do MBA can easily join the course without thinking twice. There are top MBA colleges in Delhi which provide part time courses which you can pursue while working at the same time.

If you haven’t started searching for colleges, switch on your laptop and open Google and search for the top 10 business schools in India and it will definitely give you best suggestions

Top 4 Reasons to Learn A Foreign Language While Studying MBA

We often find ourselves fighting the “first-come-first-serve” battle! Be it about education or employment, we’re continuously racing with people having comparable skills and abilities as ours. The competitive environment of this nation has sparked a need for trump card in each one of us so that we can stand out of the crowd.
Foreign Language with MBA
Now it is well-known that MBA has become one of the most popular post-graduation degrees. A major percentage of graduates from varying fields are going for MBAs to study management and earn entry tickets to the corporate world. At a time where the degree of MBA has become way too common among the job applicants, why not earn an additional specialization and have an edge over others?

Today, corporates are looking for people who can do more than just performing the 9 to 5 routine of attending office. Corporates are looking for people who can contribute to the business in a more meaningful way, and knowing a second language (other than English) serves a great purpose in this direction. Here’s why you should consider learning a foreign language while studying MBA.

• Business culture: When you learn a foreign language, you learn more than just reading and writing it. A language also tells you about the business culture of the country. In Germany, for example, a handshake symbolizes a business deal.

• Sales: While the mba courses would teach you the theoretical aspects of sales and pitches, knowing a language would help you perform it practically! Wouldn’t communicating with people of Spain in Spanish earn you more buyers?

• Cost cutting: And lastly, corporates would save a lot when they wouldn’t need to send a translator with you on a business trip abroad!

So now when you apply for top business schools in India, apply for a language course too!

Quick Tips for the MBA Aspirants

Like thousands in this country, even you must be trying to get through the MBA or Masters of Business Administration entrance exams. They are the gateways to land up in the Top 10 Business schools in India which are probably what all the students aspire for. Well, listed below are a few tips which would help you ace the exam and you might just end up being a student of the college you always wanted to be in!

• Remember that there is no specific pattern that the questions would follow. There would be three sections and a total of 60-65 marks in each of them could let you through the top MBA colleges in Delhi and in other leading cities of India.

• Practice a lot! There is no replacement or short cut to this. The best thing would be to start practising way ahead of time as that is the only way you can cut down some time for you to revise during the final months of your preparation. Start a little bit every day; you will realize the benefit in the end. And practising is the only way to identify the type of question. Once you have mastered the art of identifying the question, you save yourself a lot of time while solving the paper.

• Appear for as many mock tests as you can! They are timed and hence prepare you exactly how you should be during the real exams. Also, the more tests you appear for the more confident you become. Candidates are known to succumb to nervousness and anxiety during the final examination. Mock tests turn you into a more confident person while taking the test.

• Understand you strengths and weaknesses. The mock tests would help you reveal them. Work on both. The strengths to make you score better, and the weaknesses to help you improve.