Why Do Students Opt for MBA?

Over the past decade there has been a considerable rise in number of students opting for MBA degree on post-graduation level. Even Science and Arts majored students choose for the degree unlike older times where only Commerce students had the privilege of pursuing MBA. With the increase in demand, colleges have also set tough standards and criterion to select students. However acing the examinations with great marks is not tough for students who have underwent months of practice and their ultimate goal is to pursue MBA.

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Here are a few reasons why MBA is widely chosen by students and professionals alike:-

  • MBA graduates have always been treated as the special strata who receive high package jobs at placement level itself. It is a known fact that students who graduate from top level business schools in Delhi get placed at top corporate and FMCGs, beating other courses.
  • MBA students stand a better chance of forming a consolidated business network owing to the multiple conferences, events and seminars they attend during college. They interact with teachers having years of experience, future managers and seniors on the campus and enjoy access to the alumnus of the university. Also while doing internships as a part of curriculum, they brush shoulders with certain notable names of the industry which helps further.
  • Students who have pursued MBA stand a better chance compared to others to be hired as a senior manager or on a higher position in strategy or management. The type of position assures higher salary but at the same time higher responsibility.
  • Industrial trainings or management internships are a must, and even compulsory in MBA colleges in Delhi. Such experiences help one to delve deeper into the happenings of the corporate world and prepare for forthcoming challenges. It is one of the best ways to have a hands-on experience before entering into the mainstream industry.

These are the few perks of pursuing MBA from best b school in Delhi that helps one to position them in the corporate world.


How To Ace A Career In Human Resource Management

Do you have good communication skills? Are you good in doing multi-tasking? Well, if the answer to these questions is yes, then you can think of making a career in human resource management. Today, trained human resource professionals are required in every business organization. There is a huge demand of people who can perform HR roles and responsibilities in the best possible manner. But a certain set of skills and personality traits are required to achieve success in this career. So, if you are also planning to make a career in this field, here are a few tips that may help you climb the success ladder:


Good communication skills: good command over language and excellent communication skills are a must in this profession. Human resource managers have to interact with a number of employees and job applicants on a daily basis. Besides this, they also sit in meetings with the top management people to discuss the goals and objectives of the company. To do all these tasks in the best possible manner, they must have excellent communication skills.

Good knowledge: having thorough knowledge of various theories and concepts used in human resource management is also a must in order to stay at edge over others in today’s times of cut throat competition. The best way to gain this knowledge is by doing a course in HRM from a reputed college or university. The best business schools in India offer mba courses with specialization in human resource management. Joining any of these colleges for a degree course will help you gain comprehensive knowledge before you enter the profession world.

Multi-tasking- HR professional have to perform a number of tasks, from recruitment, screening to maintaining employee relations and attendance records, on a daily basis. Only those who are good at multi-tasking can perform these tasks perfectly. So polish your multi-tasking skills if you want to be successful in this profession.

Points to Consider When Choosing a B-School

The popularity of MBA is not unknown among students. Every year, thousands of young aspirants apply in top management institutes for mba degree program. But not everyone is able to crack admission at top b school. Seeing the upsurge of students applying for mba courses every year, a number of universities have come up with mba programs, many of which have no value in the corporate world. It therefore becomes very important for all students to know about the university they are enrolling in, its infrastructure, faculty and whether the degree they will get hold any value or not.


Listed below are a few points to consider before joining an institute for MBA degree course:

The first thing you should do is to set your priorities straight and know what exactly you want from the degree. Think about your future goals and see whether mba degree is what exactly will help you achieve those goals. Discussing with seniors, friends and seeking guidance from teachers is always a better idea.

Set your budget- Best Business Schools in India are super expensive and therefore it is advised to stick to your budget and make financial arrangements prior to your admission. For those whose parents cannot support their education, devising ways like an education loan or any other investment option can be a better idea.

Do some research- while you are preparing for setting off for B-School, do a little research about the top b schools, which are known for their excellent curriculum and infrastructure. You can search and find the top colleges for mba in India online as well. Getting admission in one of the top mba colleges will put you at edge over others and bring you a step closer towards your dreams.
So keep the above points in mind before enrolling in a business school for mba degree course.

Guide To Prepare For A B School!

One can simple not just wake up one day and excel in an MBA exam. It is not a cakewalk. But if you manage to clear it off, then you are probably from the heaven up high! Usually when one takes an exam, there are some pre requisites that he/she needs to follow. Not as a guideline per se, but know the basics so that you can ace the exam and come out with flying colours.

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Here are some points you can look into while gearing up for the exam:

  • Study material: No study is possible without right study material. Accumulate books and notes from B school friends and seniors. From English vocabulary to Quantitative analysis questions, all will be required to be worked upon. So fetch books that you can study. Have separate schedules for each. Don’t rush into buying new books each day and not finishing the previous one.
  • Have a vision: Create a vision of where you want to go. To get through the best business schools in India is quite difficult. Difficult means that the level of studies is next step. So prepare yourself accordingly. Building a vision will also help you divide judiciously.
  • Revision: With no revision, the preparations and hard work can go redundant. Fix agendas and schedules for the day and revise till dusk. No matter if you are planning on pursuing MBA courses in India or abroad, the hard work remains the same. There is no running from the hard work.
  • Eat right: Amidst the hard work, you may feel all jumbled up. Moreover, you will also lose out on time and eventually health. As the saying goes; if your mind is fit and robust, then you will have more energy to perform tasks better.

Follow these tips at the least and be prepared to receive only the best; that is your dream college!

Factors to Consider While Choosing MBA

Choosing an appropriate educational institution in the field of business, management and related fields is one you mustn’t take lightly, for the college plays an important role in your skills and future. While you must prise you’re your future goals and select the correct vertical, some factors must be considered at all costs:

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You must introspect and decide upon not only your aims for the future, but also understand and asses where you stand as an individual; chalk out your abilities, strong points and weak points. Think specifically for your future, and make a list of career options you see yourself in, which will subsequently aid you in choosing the correct specialization and aim towards the best business schools in India.

Type of course and expenditure

Today, MBA courses in the country are far more diverse than they used to be; with many-many areas to specialize in, MBA courses can be either full time or part time. You must choose a course that suits your requirements and simultaneously serves as a means to fulfill your aspirations. While MBA courses can be heavy on the pocket, one can always find a way out via scholarships!

Reputation and acclamation

The college has an intrinsic role to play in the education is imparted as well as the job opportunities you have access to. However, even more important is how acclaimed and reputes the course of a given institution is. While the top MBA colleges in Delhi will get you only so far, the course will equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills you need to achieve your goals and aspirations in the world of business.

Thus, keep in mind the decision you take now has bearing on your life in the future. Keep all the factors in mind and do not jump to conclusions.

Why Opt for a Business Degree?

When it comes to higher studies, students will mostly go for either the subjects that are popular or what their own parents decide on for them. A few would also decide based on their own areas of interest and what industry they ultimately want to join on a permanent basis. There are certain courses though that are, beneficial to almost every student, no matter what field they might want make a career in. A business degree is one of those kinds of courses that have proven to be useful in different industries, that is, a student from both corporate and creative backgrounds can use it in their professional life.

MBA or a business degree are not the most sought after course for nothing, their versatility and ability to fit into almost any career area is something that greatly increases their value. MBA has such a massive demand that one can, easily find an MBA college in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or almost any other major city of the country.

Management Degree

There are a lot of reasons why one should opt for a business degree, the first and foremost being that it can greatly help one in advancing in their career. Even more so if one is interested in the corporate world, a business degree can help one become eligible for more senior management positions. These positions are otherwise not possible if one only has an undergraduate degree.

The other reason is that a business degree from a reputed Delhi business school can provide a base if one wants to open their own business. Becoming an entrepreneur is quickly becoming a trend and even something that is profitable for fresher’s and creative people. Thus, if one has a good business idea but lacks the knowledge in the world of business, an MBA or business degree could help prepare one for it.

Why MBA matters?

So, the trending question for candidates, just finishing college is if an MBA is a hot course to pursue. To begin with, the value of a degree in business administration is indisputable provided candidates have the right aptitude for entering the field. While it is true that experts view it as a war zone, the perks of a good degree go a long way in preparing a real leader.

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Listed below are few reasons elucidating upon the advantages of Masters in business administration.

High Salary incentive– On an average, an MBA graduate earns twice more than a graduate in any other discipline. While it is true that a degree in MBA costs much more than a masters in any other field, the packages picked up on an average basis more than compensate for the fee shelled out.

Wider scope of opportunities– High level of management positions are usually bagged by people with a management degree. 70% of MBA’s hold senior management positions. This degree is your key to a whole new world of choices and opportunities.

Dynamic skillset– Often happens that a job turns stagnant and we create our own comfort zone. The best business schools in India offer a variety of options to hone one’s skills and to come out of that comfort zone.

Holistic perspective– constant problem solving and a robust network of companions across the globe give you an overview of the business world and an in-depth understanding of this environment that is unparalleled. Regular employees are often kept at the periphery and that restricts them to information relevant to them. An MBA graduate acquires this insight as a part of his curriculum which adds value to him as a prospective employee.

There are a number of MBA colleges in Delhi that train students to handle the challenges of the future. A good research can open many doors to a bright future.