Guide To Prepare For A B School!

One can simple not just wake up one day and excel in an MBA exam. It is not a cakewalk. But if you manage to clear it off, then you are probably from the heaven up high! Usually when one takes an exam, there are some pre requisites that he/she needs to follow. Not as a guideline per se, but know the basics so that you can ace the exam and come out with flying colours.

Best Business Schools in India

Here are some points you can look into while gearing up for the exam:

  • Study material: No study is possible without right study material. Accumulate books and notes from B school friends and seniors. From English vocabulary to Quantitative analysis questions, all will be required to be worked upon. So fetch books that you can study. Have separate schedules for each. Don’t rush into buying new books each day and not finishing the previous one.
  • Have a vision: Create a vision of where you want to go. To get through the best business schools in India is quite difficult. Difficult means that the level of studies is next step. So prepare yourself accordingly. Building a vision will also help you divide judiciously.
  • Revision: With no revision, the preparations and hard work can go redundant. Fix agendas and schedules for the day and revise till dusk. No matter if you are planning on pursuing MBA courses in India or abroad, the hard work remains the same. There is no running from the hard work.
  • Eat right: Amidst the hard work, you may feel all jumbled up. Moreover, you will also lose out on time and eventually health. As the saying goes; if your mind is fit and robust, then you will have more energy to perform tasks better.

Follow these tips at the least and be prepared to receive only the best; that is your dream college!


4 Valuable Tips to Crack Business School Placements

Placements are the most important part of an MBA students’ life. After two years of engagement with tough study schedules, projects, assignments, presentations, workshops and seminars, students eagerly wait for the placement season to arrive, so that they can earn their reward.

But winning the placement offers and scoring that perfect job needs a lot of preparation. Students must showcase themselves as the perfect choices, when employers come to pick the best of the lot.

If you’re about to graduate from Asian Business School, or any other top MBA institutes, here’s how you can crack the placements.

• Be punctual: As a thumb rule, you must arrive on time when you’re going for a job interview. Your punctuality would prove your willingness and eagerness to grab the offer. Dress formally, just as a corporate firm would want you to.

• Smart resume: A resume is the first thing that the employers see about you. The top employers of the nation receive about 1000 resumes everyday and spend only few seconds to review one. If you wish to make your resume noticeable, frame it smartly. Although there is no ideal length for a good resume, less is effective. Highlight your achievements that set you apart from your counterparts and provide only relevant information.

• Stay updated: Impress the employer by researching about the company and staying updated about its market position and plans. Knowing about the company would assure the hirers that you’re serious about the position offered, and really wish to work with them.

• Interview etiquettes: You need to take care of small things like staying calm and confident during the interview. Remember not to interrupt the interviewer unnecessarily just to prove one point. Create an impression by highlighting your strengths in the best possible way.

How to Prepare For Your Business School

The business field is one of the most popular and preferred area for students of all kind. Whether it is a commerce student, science or an arts student, the business field, always attracts people over to it. Its versatility, job stability, high salary and working with multi- national companies are factors that make students want to pursue a career in this industry. A business degree or an MBA in this regard, is perfect for students interested in the corporate sector. An MBA also makes an individual eligible, for senior management positions that would otherwise, be closed off to those with just a bachelors degree.
MBA submission
The journey to becoming an MBA student is not as easy as some might make it out to be. The first step in this is to get through with one’s entrance exams, which can have a big impact on the type of college that one is accepted to. Students start to prepare for them a year in advance, taking coaching classes and studying day and night.

During this time, it is also advisable that a student start to look through some of the best business schools in India. Browse through their programmes and curriculum, cost of the degree, class size, school reputation and placement statistics.

A lot of established organizations and publications release the yearly ranking of schools, and students can take help from these lists to choose the best one for them. Remember to select more than one and do a thorough comparison, based on more than just the name.

Choosing a few schools will also help one with the entrances, as different schools have different requirements, and based on which school they have chosen, the students can prepare accordingly for the exam.

If one is worried about the tuition of a good MBA college in Delhi, then many of these institutes also offer various forms financial aid, from scholarships to grants, loans and work- study programs. All this will properly prepare one for starting their journey of becoming an MBA student.

Why Apply For A Diploma Degree In Management?

A management degree or an MBA has almost become a must have for any graduate. It is considered to be beneficial no matter whether one wants to enter the corporate industry or not. Nowadays students from all backgrounds be it commerce, science and creative fields are opting to study this course on various levels. One cannot really dismiss the versatile nature of this degree and the advantage that this degree allows one to hold over others without it. Many students are deciding to apply for management studies after their graduation due it being a professional and highly esteemed course.
Management Degree
One reason why students want to pursue this degree on a post graduate level is that not everyone wants to go in the corporate sector. Also doing a bachelors in another subject and then masters in management is good as one can get more skills and knowledge about different areas.

This course of management is also offered by many prestigious schools like the Asian Business School and more. Thus, a student does not have to worry about universities and can instead give attention to what type of degree they want. As there are various different levels of management degree that most schools provide, ranging from the full time courses to part time one. Then there are certificate and diploma courses too.

The reason why it would be a good move to apply for a diploma degree is that being a part time degree, one will be able to work and gain valuable work experience alongside getting education too.

A diploma is also good for those who are already working in the corporate sector but want to move onto a more senior position or want to settle on a specialization. Then doing a post graduate diploma in management in Delhi would be the best course of action.

Career Options After MBA In Marketing

There are a few questions that come into mind of any individual planning for a mba degree in marketing. What will be the scope of the program, what kind of jobs he will get and what will be the starting salaries are some points that are considered. But the good news is that there is a huge demand of marketing managers in all sectors. Marketing is the oldest disciplines of management and has a very good scope in today’s market trend. MBA in marketing is one of the most popular MBA courses in India and those with a degree have an option to develop a career in any discipline, be it hospitality, retail, banking, tourism, media or advertising. Salaries are very good and generally depend on the work experience of the individuals. It also depends on the position and reputation of the organization.
MBA in marketing

Here are a few job profiles for candidates with a degree in MBA marketing-

Marketing Manager: marketing manager is a person responsible for effectively handling relationships with customers. One must have good knowledge of current market trends, emerging technologies and various strategies used in marketing. To learn all this it is advised to do an mba from one of the best business schools of India

Sales Manager: sales manager has to perform a number of duties like assessing competitor activities, providing customer service, and achieving sales targets. The profile is best for those who have an interest in dealing with customers and addressing their concerns.

Product Management: product managers play a very important role in any organization. Their main function is to plan strategies that will help in promotion and growth of a specific product line.

Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing: this is one of the hottest career options for people with a degree in mba marketing. It has tremendous opportunities in areas like account management, client management, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing etc.

Why Soft Skills Are Important For Career In Business?

A career in the corporate world, is the endgame for many aspiring students all over the country. It is one of those fields that attracts people from almost every area, be it engineering or arts students, mathematics students or commerce students. Even if one might not want to make a profession in the business field, still it is still thought as a good investment to have a degree in business, it does not really matter what type of degree. People from opposite fields too, might take a business degree just for the sake it, since it can come in handy later on.

Sustainability and Business Schools

This ability to fit into any industry or profession, this versatility is something that truly attracts students over to this area. Doing a course in MBA from the best business schools in India, is something that many students dream of. MBA is the top degree for students who want to make a career in the business arena. Fortunately there are many institutes in the country that offer a wide variety of courses and good placement cells, for a career in corporate industry.

One will learn many things during their time at a business school, there will be theoretical education imparted, practical experience gained through internships and workshops and one will be trained to excel in this industry. However, one area that many students overlook is that of soft skills. Building a skill set in leadership roles, inter- persona communication, team building and more are very important for a corporate job.

Any good MBA college in Delhi, will give an adequate amount of attention to these skills. But it is up to the student themselves, to work on them and hone them even more. As sometimes these soft skills can be much more helpful than even the best of education.

4 Reasons Why You Should Do MBA

MBA is probably one of the most popular and sought after courses chosen by the students. The number of students who want to pursue MBA is increasing day by day. And it’s not just the students but parents too want their children to get into this field of business. Despite the fact that it can be expensive, parents are willing to pay because they know this profession will secure their child’s future. So, here are the top five reasons why you should do MBA:

MBA submission

• MBA program will open many doors for graduates. There are quite a few areas of specialization covered in MBA program including Human Resources, Economics and Finance, Statistics, Technology and Information Systems. An MBA can get into a multiple fields and in business as well. MBA has really good opportunities for a better future.

• You can be your own boss after MBA. For instance, if you are not interested in doing a job, you can be a young entrepreneur. An MBA program imparts knowledge of business and can teach you the know-how of building and operating your business. MBA also teaches you financial and business management planning which will help you to grow as an individual businessman while contributing in the development of the country.

• If you haven’t already observed, a degree of MBA from a reputed business college will give a considerable hike to your current salary. In comparison to other professions with a master’s degree, MBA graduates from top universities receive better job offers and higher compensation.

• For those who are currently working and want to do MBA can easily join the course without thinking twice. There are top MBA colleges in Delhi which provide part time courses which you can pursue while working at the same time.

If you haven’t started searching for colleges, switch on your laptop and open Google and search for the top 10 business schools in India and it will definitely give you best suggestions