Why MBA matters?

So, the trending question for candidates, just finishing college is if an MBA is a hot course to pursue. To begin with, the value of a degree in business administration is indisputable provided candidates have the right aptitude for entering the field. While it is true that experts view it as a war zone, the perks of a good degree go a long way in preparing a real leader.

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Listed below are few reasons elucidating upon the advantages of Masters in business administration.

High Salary incentive– On an average, an MBA graduate earns twice more than a graduate in any other discipline. While it is true that a degree in MBA costs much more than a masters in any other field, the packages picked up on an average basis more than compensate for the fee shelled out.

Wider scope of opportunities– High level of management positions are usually bagged by people with a management degree. 70% of MBA’s hold senior management positions. This degree is your key to a whole new world of choices and opportunities.

Dynamic skillset– Often happens that a job turns stagnant and we create our own comfort zone. The best business schools in India offer a variety of options to hone one’s skills and to come out of that comfort zone.

Holistic perspective– constant problem solving and a robust network of companions across the globe give you an overview of the business world and an in-depth understanding of this environment that is unparalleled. Regular employees are often kept at the periphery and that restricts them to information relevant to them. An MBA graduate acquires this insight as a part of his curriculum which adds value to him as a prospective employee.

There are a number of MBA colleges in Delhi that train students to handle the challenges of the future. A good research can open many doors to a bright future.


What Does It Take To Get Into Top B Schools In India

MBA has become one of the most revolutionary courses in India today. Fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals are going for MBA courses to acquire top profiles in the corporate industry and to make it big- professionally. Further there are also several individuals who use MBA as a way to entrepreneurship. Business schools offering entrepreneurial MBA prepare aspiring professionals to set up their own firms by supporting their business ideas and giving them an insight of what works in the industry and what does not.

But what does it take to get into the top b schools in India? Some say – it’s all about the entrance exams and some others believe that cracking the personal interview round is the most difficult part. Well, if records are to be believed, you’ve got to be good at both. In fact, the business schools today add several layers of examination in order to filter the most eligible candidates for an MBA program. Today, you have got to leave no stone unturned when you’re preparing for business school enrollments.

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First and foremost, one needs to start early in order to prepare for the entrances. Take topic wise sample tests to understand each and every kind of question that might appear in your question paper. Then, because speed is going to matter on the final day, take mock tests of the same duration as of the main exam. Create an atmosphere of examination hall and take every test seriously. This would not only make you speedy but would also make you focus more on the question paper.

To prepare for the group discussion round, go through the trending topics. Remember even if you don’t know much about the topic- build a team, work toward a definite goal and be an efficient team player.

As far as personal interviews of MBA courses are concerned, just steer clear of nervousness, be yourself and showcase the best in you.