4 Valuable Tips to Crack Business School Placements

Placements are the most important part of an MBA students’ life. After two years of engagement with tough study schedules, projects, assignments, presentations, workshops and seminars, students eagerly wait for the placement season to arrive, so that they can earn their reward.

But winning the placement offers and scoring that perfect job needs a lot of preparation. Students must showcase themselves as the perfect choices, when employers come to pick the best of the lot.

If you’re about to graduate from Asian Business School, or any other top MBA institutes, here’s how you can crack the placements.

• Be punctual: As a thumb rule, you must arrive on time when you’re going for a job interview. Your punctuality would prove your willingness and eagerness to grab the offer. Dress formally, just as a corporate firm would want you to.

• Smart resume: A resume is the first thing that the employers see about you. The top employers of the nation receive about 1000 resumes everyday and spend only few seconds to review one. If you wish to make your resume noticeable, frame it smartly. Although there is no ideal length for a good resume, less is effective. Highlight your achievements that set you apart from your counterparts and provide only relevant information.

• Stay updated: Impress the employer by researching about the company and staying updated about its market position and plans. Knowing about the company would assure the hirers that you’re serious about the position offered, and really wish to work with them.

• Interview etiquettes: You need to take care of small things like staying calm and confident during the interview. Remember not to interrupt the interviewer unnecessarily just to prove one point. Create an impression by highlighting your strengths in the best possible way.


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