Getting Good Grades In B Schools

Every business school operates differently and has different methods of grading students. Now if you are aspiring to do MBA or any other management course, or are already studying in a B school, here are some tips that can help you achieve great grades in almost any programme or school:

1.Attend classes regularly

When I was pursuing my graduation in commerce, I was highly irregular in attending my classes. While the college didn’t debar me from sitting for my exams, I did suffer a lot due to my low attendance. I never had my notes complete, my concepts weren’t as clear, and I scored poorly in my internals. Whether or not your school considers your attendance in marking your internals, being regular will always benefit you.

2.Active participation

Unfortunately, attending classes is not enough. Unless you really focus in the class, you would either struggle at the last moment, or won’t be able to give it your best in exams. The top 10 business schools in India may have a curriculum that grades your performance on your level of participation in class as well. Hence, make sure you don’t only listen attentively, but actively participate as well.

3.Time management

time management
With so much to do in a B school, you would almost always have your hands full. Unless you learn to manage your time well, you may lag behind your peers. Having studied in one of the best colleges for MBA myself, I found it hard to sleep as much as I would have liked. In order to get good grades in your B school, you might have to compromise a little on your sleep. But do they not say: no pain, no gain?

My friend who is currently studying in Asian Business school in Noida, followed the above three tips and immediately felt the difference. Try and apply the above tips and see if they make a difference to you as well. Best of luck!