Is Management your calling?

In this day and age of career options galore, students often find it hard to realise what they really want from life in terms of their career. And even more difficult is to convince one’s parents about one’s choices if the career path chosen is not as conventional or lucrative.

Lakhs of students appear for various management entrances every year. But I often wonder how many of them actually want to pursue management. There are some who give entrances under peer and parental pressure, while others go ahead with management because there is nothing else that really captures their interest. What I am saying is that out of those lakhs of MBA aspirants, few are sure of management being their calling. Which category do you belong to? Are you sure that PGDM from one of the renowned PGDM colleges in Delhi or elsewhere is what would really make you happy?

Sustainability and Business Schools

My experience may help you decide. I am fortunate to have parents who will support me in all my endeavours. However, my father really wanted me to study hard and get admission in the best MBA college of India – ABS. I, on the other side, was torn between dance and management. Post graduation from high school, I had taken up dance seriously and wished to make a career out of. During the three years of college, I attended college classes in the morning, and dance classes in the evening. While I danced a lot, I still wasn’t able to get the real taste of a life of a professional dancer who dances happily from morning to evening almost every single day. So, I took a year off after college to see if I was really cut out for dancing. Clearly I wasn’t! While I loved to dance, I did not see myself as a professional dancer and ached to study during that one year. I had always taken great interest in commerce, and now I am sure that post graduate diploma in management in Delhi is what I truly want to do.

So unless you take risks and give your prospective career option a real chance, you would never know what you really want to do.


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