Strive For Self-Improvement To Become A Successful Manager

Not all people who graduate from a top MBA college manage to become equally successful. Thousands of students graduate from a B school every year, but how many do you think go on to become CEOs or top managers? Only a handful, you would say! What then is the difference between the successful and the not-so-successful that defines their status in the corporate world?


When I was pursuing one of the most sought-after MBA courses from one of the best colleges, we had a session with a top-level manager of a top company. He gave an extremely inspiring talk which included all the points one needs to keep in mind to become a successful manager. He told us how he quickly climbed up the corporate ladder, while those who had graduated with him from the same college were still struggling to get noticed.

We were already aware of some of the things he told us. For instance, we knew that a manager has to have great communication skills. Leading by example, building the team, helping people hone their skills by giving them the right opportunities, and boosting the morale of his team, were aspects most of us were aware of.

But when he said that a manager constantly strives for self-improvement himself is something that really stayed with me. He had pursued his education from an esteemed business school in Delhi and then joined a top company upon graduation. He observed that the other managers around him were arrogant and who took advantage of their high stature. Also most managers had grown complacent and didn’t work on themselves. He, on the other handed, handled his team with compassion and yet was firm enough to get work done. He too pointed out errors, but he did so with a good intention. And most importantly, he constantly strove for his own self-improvement and genuinely made an effort to correct his flaws pointed out in his feedback sessions. That’s how he got to the top and that’s how we all can!


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