Personality Traits of Optimal MBA Students

We all know just how competitive getting into and studying at the best of B-schools can be. Competition galore, you’re up against a lot of resistance when it comes to acing MBA entrance exams. But when you’ve finally gotten though to one of the top 10 business schools in India, your real worries have only just begun! Now, while you might come across scores of articles and blogs telling you how to go about your method of study and such, you’ve got to know that coursework isn’t the be all and end all of MBA.

Sustainability and Business Schools
Personality is just as important –so if you’re attending the best MBA colleges in Noida or what have you, take a moment and introspect a little to see if you display the following personality traits, and if you don’t, then it’s high time to get them in check!

•Motivation: Considering the strenuous nature of programmes at the top 10 business schools in India, a constant dose of motivation is an absolute must. And remember, extrinsic motivational factors such as money and such are only going to get you so far; so try to remain as intrinsically motivated as possible, seeking intrinsic rewards.

•Leadership: By definition, MBAs are all about leadership. They often say that the MBA students of today are the leaders of tomorrow –and within reason! Speak up, take charge, and take the initiative to lead amongst your peers, and you’ll be bound to ace your MBA course!

•Communication Skills: Now, these are an obvious necessity in every sphere of life… So need I say more?

•Decision-making Skills: Being a successful leader is all about taking the right decisions. Being strategic, thinking and acting on your feet, and analysing situations aptly to arrive at decisions are all integral attributes of an MBA student.

•Commitment: Whether it’s mba colleges in Noida or the US, it’s a universally known fact that with the rigorous MBA coursework, commitment is imperative. With no room for slacking off, you’ve got to make sure you’re on top of the game!


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