Why Most People Prefer To Do An MBA?

The educational trends in India have been well inclined towards management courses for quite some time now. Economic analysis, workforce surveys and census all have highlighted the increasing number of managers in India. So what is it in the much coveted MBA courses that are driving so many aspirants? Is it just the lure of six figure salaries or working at the top-notch companies or is there something more to it? And most importantly is this evident bent justifiable or is it just a blind bid to follow?

mba_logoLet’s throw a look at some of the reasons people are opting for MBA courses in India to discover these answers.

Salary Hike- While the reason on the face of it may look monetary and blithe, but it is important to reflect at the more deep-set effect of it. Actually, a salary hike is not a reason on its own but a consequence, which people usually mistake for a reason to pursue the course. We certainly don’t think that corporates and HR managers are unwise to dole out hikes just like that only because someone possesses a degree. In reality, what the course brings in the package is valued rather than the degree itself, and that is managerial skills and leadership qualities.

Better communication- English being a second language in India, this has always been an issue. However, why not join a 20k worth of speaking course rather than a 10lakh worth of an MBA course? Well, it doesn’t always have to do something with your command over a specific language. Public speaking is and can be a problem for almost anybody. Besides, efficient corporate communication is guided with a different level of etiquette, diplomacy and social skills and an MBA improves a person both at verbal and written communication.

To reinvent their career- professionals from different field that are not even remotely associated with commerce and economics put their careers on hold to pursue the course. Why? The answer is simple. Business, marketing and economics are a rampant part of any profit making organization. Moreover, your human behavior analyzing skills, resource management skills, fund management and decision making skills are also affected and improved with the course.

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